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Computer Use at the Library

Computer Use at Greenwich Library

Public Computers

Greenwich Libraries public computers are available at the Main library, Cos Cob and Byram branches.
At the Main Library, areas are devoted to teen computer use and the main children's room computers are only for children 12 and under.

Our Internet searching computers have Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on the Windows XP operating system.

There are USB flash drives available for patron use from the Reference Desk.

The library is no longer lending headphones to patrons. Patrons may use their own headphones at public computers, or they can purchase headphones at the Welcome Desk for $2.00 per set.


Starting September 8, Greenwich Library will begin charging for printing from public access computers to reduce paper and toner costs and give patrons better control of their printing.

The Library will charge 10 cents per page for black and white printing and 50 cents for color printing from Library computers, which is consistent with the charges for photocopying printed materials.

Print Management- Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Print Management program?
    The print management system is a cost recovery program designed to provide our patrons with new print technology, as well as control the increasing costs of printing supplies and paper, as well as the maintenance and replacement of equipment.
  • Why do I have to pay now for something that used to be free?
    In an effort to provide printing to meet the demand of the public during a time of fiscal restraint, it is necessary for the library to implement such a program. The print management system will help defray costs for paper and toner and reduce recycling costs due to the amount of wasted paper printed every day. Patrons will pay to print their own materials so they will be more conscious about the number of pages they want to purchase. Many libraries report that the volume of printing decreases between 30 and 70 percent as patrons begin to use the 'print preview' function and print only what they need.

    It is important to be environmentally conscious and responsible stewards of Town resources during a time when budgets are tight.
  • What are some strategies to help reduce my printing costs?
    Patrons are encouraged to find alternatives to printing such as saving their documents to an external flash drive, using online tools to create and share work or emailing files to a computer at home or office. You can also take notes or cut and paste pertinent information into a separate document.
  • What type of printing will be available from the system?
    Black and white and color printing will be available. Patrons will have the opportunity to choose how their documents are printed.
  • How much will printing cost?
    10 cents per page for black and white
    50 cents per page for color
  • How does the system work?
    Patrons who choose to print from the public access computers will be able to view their printing options and costs before actually printing their document. They will then go to a print release station and retrieve their print jobs. They will pay for each printing job at a coin box adjacent to the print release stations.

    Release stations will be available on all three floors at the Main Library and there will be a release station located at both the Byram Shubert and Cos Cob branches. Printing is not currently available via the wireless network.
  • How do I pay for my printing?
    A coin box is connected to each print release station. Patrons can use coins or cash to pay for their printing.
  • Can I use my own paper with this system?
    No. Using paper other than the paper specifically recommended for the printers can jam or otherwise damage them. Also, the cost of paper is the least significant part of the overall cost to print a page.
  • Why can't I have any pages for free?
    The print management system asks the user to create a unique identifier when printing to protect privacy. This identifier is not connected to your library account, therefore it is not possible to give each patron free printed pages. In the future, system upgrades may allow us to do that.
  • What do I do if the printer doesn't work properly?
    Please contact a staff member for assistance.

Laptop use: Connecting via your laptop at Greenwich library

Bloomberg Terminal:

Patrons can sign up to use the Bloomberg Professional Service computer in the Business Services Area of the Greenwich Library. Patrons can also sign-up in advance at the main Reference desk or by calling (203)622-7910.

Wireless Internet AccessWi-Fi

Greenwich Library provides free wireless Internet access inside the Main Library, Byram Shubert and the Cos Cob branch buildings. These instructions apply only to the Main Library and the Cos Cob branch.

While wireless computing is very convenient, some caution needs to be taken to ensure privacy and security. Please keep the following in mind: the wireless network is not secured and is unfiltered. Information sent to or from your laptop/tablet/PDA can be intercepted by a third party. Credit card and other financial transactions or any transmission of personal information such as a social security number is best done on a secured network in a non-public environment. We recommend that you keep your operating system updated, maintain virus protection, and disable file and print sharing where applicable.

Library staff cannot make changes to your computer. Handouts are available that provide configurations for various operation systems. For more detailed information, please check with the manufacturer or supplier of your equipment. You are responsible for virus protection and other security configurations on your personal computer equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to connect to the Internet?

You need to bring your wireless enabled laptop or PDA into the library and configure it to recognize our wireless system. No password is required to use the wireless network. Configuration of wireless adapters is detailed below.

desktop wireless connection screenshot

If you are using Windows XP and have it configured to detect wireless networks automatically, you should get a notice in the system tray that will inform you that our network has been detected.

Do I need special hardware?

Yes, your laptop or PDA needs a wireless adapter. In newer computers, these are integrated (built-in); in older computers it may be a card that fits into a slot on the side of your laptop. On a PDA the wireless adapter should be integrated.

Your wireless adapter may detect the network automatically, or may need to be configured to "see" the wireless network at our library. Please refer to the instructions that came with your wireless card or your computer and change the configuration to the following:

  • SSID or "network name" – GreenwichLibrary
  • WEP – Disabled
  • Mode or Network Type – Infrastructure or Access Point

I have Windows XP on my laptop. How do I connect to the Internet in the library?

  • In Control Panel, open Network and Internet Connections, then open Network Connections. Right click on Local Area Connections, and choose Properties.
  • Choose Internet Protocol, click Properties.
  • Select the radio button that indicates Obtain an IP Address Automatically and the radio button that indicates Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically.
  • For enhanced security, uncheck File and Print Sharing.
  • Click OK and close all open windows.
  • For a more detailed explanation (with screenshots), click here: Windows XP and Wireless at Greenwich Library

I have a Macintosh laptop. How do I connect to the Internet in the library?

OS 8 & 9

  • Select Apple Menu, Control Panel, TCP/IP.
  • Connect via Airport or other wireless (WiFi) Ethernet.
  • Change configuration to Use DHCP Server.
  • Leave Name Server and Additional Search Domains blank.
  • Close all open windows.


  • Select Apple Menu, Systems Preferences, Network.
  • Choose TCP/IP tab and change configuration to Use DHCP.
  • If necessary, configure to connect via Airport or other wireless (WiFi) Ethernet.
  • Leave Domain Name Server and Search Domains blank.
  • Close all open windows.

What wireless protocols does the network support?

Our network supports 802.11b and 802.11g wireless protocols.

I can't connect to the network. Can library staff help me?

Library staff can verify that the wireless network is functioning properly and provide a handout of configurations for various operating systems. Library staff is not permitted to make changes to your laptop or to adjust settings in any way.

My connection to the Internet seems to have slowed down. What can I do?

Internet traffic sometimes slows due to general volume at different times of the day. Internal networks sometimes suffer from the same sorts of traffic jams. If the wired computers are not experiencing slowness, it could be that too many wireless users are connecting to the same access point. You can try moving to a different, less occupied area of the library and connect to an access point there. The move should not require you to reconfigure your laptop in any way; simply move to another location within the library. All of our public areas have wireless coverage.

Can I print from the wireless network?

No. At this time we do not offer printing on the wireless network. You may email the information that you want to print or save it to a disk or flash drive and print from home or from a wired computer in the library. Please note that in order to be printed out, the saved files must be in a format that can be opened by library computers.

Can I access library databases?

Library databases that are available from home are available on the wireless network. You will need to provide your library card number in order to use these databases on the wireless network, just as you would if you were accessing them from home. In order to use the databases available only at the library, you must use a wired library computer.