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Library Management

Library Management

Greenwich Library Director:

Barbara Ormerod-GlynnBarbara Ormerod-Glynn

President of the Board of Trustees:

Nancy Better

Division Managers:


Wynne Delmhorst

Lending Division Manager:

Moira Danehy

Resources Management:

Marianne Weill (acting)

Branch Heads:

Byram Shubert Library:

Miguel García-Colón

Cos Cob Library:

Wendy Silver

Board of Trustees


The 2013-2014 Greenwich Library Board of Trustees consists of 21 members who oversee the affairs of the Library. All members of the Board must also be members of the Friends of the Greenwich Library.

New Board Members are elected by the Friends of the Greenwich Library. The Nominating Committee of the Friends presents a recommended list of Trustees to be voted on at the Annual Meeting of the Friends each May. Trustees serve a three-year term and may serve for two consecutive terms. A Trustee may be re-elected after being off the Board for at least one year. Elections are staggered, with approximately a third of the Trustees elected each year. The officers of the Library for the ensuing year are elected by the Board of Trustees at the organization meeting of the Trustees immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Friends.

2012-2013 Board of Trustees Term

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Nancy BetterNancy Better, President

Why I Serve
I have always loved libraries and I am honored to serve on the Greenwich Library Board. As a Trustee, I enjoy learning about the many ways in which the library serves its constituents, and about the library's vast collections. I enjoy interacting with the staff, the patrons, and the other Board members. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated team of people.
--Nancy Better

2014 (2nd)*
Haley ElmlingerHaley Elmlinger, First Vice President

Why I Serve
Libraries support and propel a literate society. In Greenwich, our library is the nexus of community and information. With technology developments affecting information delivery in changing ways, it is interesting and rewarding to participate in the process, which benefits so many in our town.
--Haley Elmlinger

2015 (2nd)
Linda G. OrtweinLinda G. Ortwein, Second Vice President

Why I Serve
For a long time, I have been committed to education and educational access for all. Greenwich Library is an organization that epitomizes the best in quality access to education and learning, as well as a place that has become a mecca for our diverse community to come together around areas of interest in literature, arts, business, science, and culture. I am gratified to have an opportunity to serve the Greenwich Library, a place our family loves and uses extensively.
--Linda G. Ortwein

2015 (2nd)
Brian PenningtonBrian Pennington, Treasurer

Why I Serve
I believe that the public library system is crucial in providing free access to materials and programs to enhance the ability to read and learn. This access not only helps to engender a love of reading and learning, but is of primary importance in providing people of limited resources the opportunity to advance themselves. In particular, I believe that the Greenwich Library System and its Board of Trustees is a well run organization that I would be proud to be a part of and work with to advance its goals.
--Brian Pennington

2014 (2nd)
Robert GlanvilleRobert Glanville, Assistant Treasurer

Why I Serve
My motivation for serving on the board of trustees of the Greenwich Library is broad-based. My parents (Nancy and Jim Glanville, of Darien) were strong supporters of their hometown library and I learned early the importance of equal access to education and information. My father was a determined meritocrat and fervently believed that his own ability to emerge from a small town in Texas and achieve some success in life was to a large extent a function of free, and encouraged, access to knowledge and information. One way he gave back to the community was to support local libraries to continue such access. My mother continues the family tradition with her own commitment to the Library of Congress (Madison Council). Based on my own experience across continents, cultures and economies, I have come to the same conclusion as to the importance of vetted and free information to the formation of intellectual capital in a community. After my family and I moved to Greenwich in 2005, I quickly returned to the site of significant research and effort from my high school and college days – I researched much of my high school history senior paper (on Adlai Stevenson) at the Greenwich Library, and followed that up with work on my Princeton senior thesis at the library as well, taking advantage of the library's ability to pull in materials from around the state and country. My family (my wife Dr. Laura Glanville, my children Ryan (10), Taylor (8), Rowan (6), Reid (3) and Devyn (1)) have become heavy users of the library and its services, with most of our time spent in the children's reading areas or in reading or music classes. As a result, there are many forces driving my desire to be involved with the Greenwich Library – family history, belief in the value of the library as an institution, and current demand for its capabilities!
--Robert Glanville

2016 (2nd)
Mary-Jane (M.J.) BroganMary-Jane (M.J.) Brogan

Why I Serve
I love libraries because they help to fulfill my inquisitive nature. Upon my first visit to the Greenwich Library, 31 years ago when I moved to town, I thought it was "heaven on earth". I’ve been a fan ever since.
--M.J. Brogan

2014 (1st)
S. Wear Culvahouse, MDS. Wear Culvahouse, MD

Why I Serve
Every community has institutions that are vital to the success of that community's inhabitants, and the Greenwich Library is certainly one of these institutions for the Town of Greenwich. By providing free access, it gives all of us the opportunity to expand our knowledge base, to communicate across different cultures, and even to escape into a thrilling novel. I am honored to serve along with so many, as we negotiate the different routes that knowledge is delivered in today's world, and how the library fulfills that role going forward.
--S. Wear Culvahouse, MD

2014 (1st)
Dan DanielsDan Daniels

Why I Serve
The Greenwich Library stands out in a town that is blessed with so many strengths. Together with our town's parks, schools, churches and the hospital, it's one of the cornerstones of a healthy, vibrant and diverse community and a significant part of what makes Greenwich unique. As a long-time resident of Greenwich, and with myself and my family having been beneficiaries of so much that the library has to offer over the years that we have lived in town, service on the board is one way that I can give back to help sustain and grow this critical community resource.
--Dan Daniels

2016 (2nd)
Ernest FleishmanErnest Fleishman

Why I Serve
When I came to interview in Greenwich in 1976, I was not sure that I wanted to work in Greenwich. I asked the Board of Education if I could visit the public library because that would tell me much about the values of the community. I was so impressed by what I observed in the main library. That was my "tipping point" about accepting the Superintendent of Schools position and I have never looked back. Public libraries are the centers of learning in many communities. They connect citizens to public affairs, career opportunities, the arts, and most importantly to each other. So, I am delighted and honored to become a library trustee and to contribute in any way that I can.
--Ernest Fleishman

2015 (1st)
Kenneth HalcomKenneth Halcom

Why I Serve
Libraries play a critical role in a democratic society by offering the public access to resources necessary for intellectual development, civic participation and cultural enrichment. Great libraries, like the Greenwich Library, leverage their resources and affirmatively engage the public in programs designed to broaden the horizon, enlighten the mind and nourish the soul. It is an honor to help sustain and advance the work of this institution.
--Kenneth Halcom

2016 (1st)
Chip HaslunChip Haslun

Why I Serve
When I joined the Library Board 2 years or so ago I stated that I was "interested in learning more about how libraries...continue to maintain their relevance [in the home computer age]." Now, after having been educated on the incredible width and breadth of resources the Library provides to the community, I realize how naïve my comment was. I might as well have said "I'm interested in learning why we still need the sun now that we have tanning beds." I now more clearly see my role as both a counselor and an advocate for this wonderful, and yes, very relevant institution. I was never more proud to be associated with the Library than during the past March storm when I also realized that more than the books or the bricks, ultimately the staff and volunteers, including the Board, are what make this Library so special.
--Chip Haslun

2014 (2nd)
Judy HigginsJudy Higgins

Why I Serve
As a retired teacher, I believe that a library is an extension of the classroom and a wonderful resource for one to continue to be a lifelong learner. Greenwich Library is a truly outstanding library; it is an honor to serve on the Board for a second time.
--Judy Higgins

2016 (2nd)
Mary Lee KiernanMary Lee Kiernan

Why I Serve
The Greenwich Library is one of the premier suburban libraries in this country and one of this community's most important assets, and I am honored to serve this institution as a trustee. The free and complete access to literature, music, arts, culture and information in all its varied forms that Greenwich Library provides is critical to the growth and health of any community, and I want to support this profoundly important function. This is also a very dynamic time for libraries, and I look forward to helping Greenwich Library serve residents while responding to new technologies and new community needs.
--Mary Lee Kiernan

2014 (1st)
Robert MarksRobert Marks

Why I Serve
Since the first time I accidentally found a book and became immersed in it, I have always loved libraries and the learning opportunities they represent. To me, a well-stocked library represents an important link to our past, and yet also a bridge to our future, especially for our young people. We are all well served by having a community of educated and informed citizens, and the Greenwich Library is a vital part of what makes Greenwich such a wonderful community in which to live. I am delighted to be able to contribute in some way to making our library and its programs as useful as possible in these efforts.
--Robert Marks

2016 (2nd)
Jane MarshJane Marsh

Why I Serve
As a child, I went to my local library every Friday to get new books – it was the highlight of my week and an event that I looked forward to on a regular basis. Our libraries open new worlds of exploration, ideas, history, and technologies to the young and old and offer accessible information across all demographic groups. It is a privilege to serve on the board of the Greenwich Library as we reach out to the community to enable our patrons to grow through the discovery and enjoyment of experiencing the range of programs and media offered by the library.
--Jane Marsh

2015 (2nd)
Dee MayberryDee Mayberry

Why I Serve
I am excited and honored to be joining this great organization. The Greenwich Library is truly a valuable resource we all need and cherish!
--Dee Mayberry

2016 (1st)
Liz OestreichLiz Oestreich

Why I Serve
For many years, my family and I have enjoyed the extraordinary resources of Greenwich Library and benefitted from the advice of its talented staff. As a librarian, I appreciate how expertly the Library operates. As a Greenwich resident, I appreciate the access it provides me to a world of ideas and information. Greenwich Library has served me so well for so many years; I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve in return.
--Liz Oestreich

2015 (1st)
Karen Free RoyceKaren Free Royce

Why I Serve
My earliest library memory is of story hour when I was quite young. I am a life-long user of libraries because I love words, information, creativity and community gathering places. The pride people expressed about their library when I first moved to Greenwich 26 years ago really impressed me. I am thrilled to be part of the stewardship of this incredible community resource.
--Karen Free Royce

2015 (1st)
Dan TapieroDan Tapiero

Why I Serve
The library is Greenwich's greatest asset. For anyone with energy, will and ambition, the library becomes a resource to feed one's dreams and aspirations.
--Dan Tapiero

2015 (1st)
Jere ThomsonJere Thomson

Why I Serve
I feel privileged to serve the wonderful Greenwich Library and its constituents. For centuries, libraries have been vital elements of community growth and well-being. Present times are changing and challenging, and libraries must change to meet those challenges. The Greenwich Library, with its distinctive "public-private" character, is well-positioned to continue at the center of our community's evolution. I look forward to contributing toward that goal.
--Jere Thomson

2015 (1st)
Kathleen WhittemoreKathleen Whittemore

Why I Serve
I have always loved libraries! I fondly recall spending Saturday afternoons as a young child at the local public library, poring over books and carefully selecting the ones I would borrow for the week. I am convinced that this early exposure to books and reading is what fostered in me a lifelong passion for great literature. I believe that public libraries are a vital part of every community, as they provide free access to all the things that make our population literate and educated. I am sincerely grateful and honored to be serving on the board at the Greenwich Public Library.
--Kathleen Whittemore

2014 (1st)

*Denotes a one-year extension

Ex-Officio Members

Carol Mahoney, Director

Peter Tesei, First Selectman, Town of Greenwich

Sharon Fortenbaugh, Chairman of the Friends of the Greenwich Library

2013-2014 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

Greenwich Library Board of Trustees Meeting minutes

Trustee Committees

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Ensures aesthetic oversight of the grounds and facilities at the main building and the two branch buildings. Ensures that there is a plan for the systematic maintenance of the grounds and facilities.

Development Committee

Implements the private funding objectives of the Library's three-year strategic plan. Guides Board in solicitation of funds; develops and implements plans for donor relations; is responsible for special fund-raising events; coordinates donor-related public relations efforts with the Public Information Office. Recommends for Board approval policies and procedures for the staffing of the Trustees' Office and oversees the operations and budget of the Trustees' Office.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Library plus such additional members of the Board of Trustees as said Board may designate. The Executive Committee exercises executive authority when the Board is not in session and reports any actions taken to the Board at its next following meeting.

Finance Committee

Reviews the Library's budget, which includes both Codes 701 (Town funds) and 702 (Peterson funds) and presents recommendations to the Board of Trustees for approval. Reviews the non-Code 702 lines of the Peterson Library Budget, and presents recommendations to the Board for approval. Reviews the Trustees' Office Reserve Fund and presents recommendations to the Board for approval. Monitors expenditures against the approved budgets and reports on the Library's financial status to the Board. Reviews the Library's long-range planning documents to assess budget and private financing implications. Sets policy for and reviews the investment of private Library funds. Establishes and monitors internal control procedures. Oversees the annual audit. Reviews the insurance requirements of the Library and its directors and makes recommendations to the Board for approval.

Library Value Calculator

The Clementine Lockwood Peterson Foundation

Planning Committee

Ensures that the Library has a long-range planning process. Establishes strategic goals and objectives; evaluates the progress of the Library in meeting the goals and objectives. Oversees prioritization process for system-wide initiatives.

Policy Committee

Periodically reviews the various Library policies to assure their continued relevance and completeness. Initiates new policies as required.