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Borrowing FAQs

Card Registration: Frequently Asked Questions



  • Who may get a free Greenwich Library card?

    You are eligible to obtain a Greenwich Library card without charge, if you reside or own property in Greenwich, or if you work or go to school in Greenwich.

  • What if I do not live in Greenwich?

    Connecticut residents are entitled to borrowing privileges if they have a public library card from the town of their principal Connecticut residence. It is necessary to bring identification and a current, valid hometown library card to register. For a more detailed explanation of the Connecticard rules, visit Connecticard Rules.

  • What if I do not live in Connecticut?

    If you do not live in Connecticut, and you do not either work or go to school in Greenwich, you may purchase a Greenwich Library Card for $125.00 that is valid for one year. The names of your immediate family who reside at your address and who wish to use the card must be included on the application at the time of purchase.

  • What identification do I need to get a card?

    A current CT driver's license or CT Photo ID with a Greenwich residential address is acceptable identification.

    Greenwich residents who have not yet updated their driver's license information may provide current photo identification and proof of current residential address. A post office box is not sufficient address. Additional suggested forms for proof of current address include:

    • Telephone Bill
    • Cable Bill
    • Electric Bill
    • Credit Card Bill
    • Automobile registration
    • Automobile insurance card

    People who work in Greenwich need to have photo identification with proof of residential address and proof of current employment in Greenwich. Suggested forms for proof of current employment include:

    • Current pay stub with Greenwich address

    People who go to school in Greenwich need photo identification and proof of current student status.

    People who wish to purchase a Greenwich Library card need a photo identification, proof of residential address and $125.00 (cash or check).

    People whose principal residence is a Connecticut municipality other than Greenwich need to present a valid library card from their home library and photo identification with proof of residence in that municipality.

  • Do cards expire?

    Cards do expire and each type of card has a different expiration date. An expired card cannot be used to borrow materials or use any of the online or telephone services. The expiration date is on the card, and displays below your name when you view your account online.

    To renew your library card, bring your card and appropriate identification to the Library.

  • I just got my registration renewed and I'm having trouble viewing my record over the web, what's wrong?

    When your registration was renewed, a new barcode number should have been issued. Your Internet Browser may have been set up to remember passwords for sites you regularly visit. Your computer may automatically insert your old barcode in the box. To fix this problem, just highlight the old number and type in your new barcode number. Your browser will ask you if you want it to associate this new password with the page you are visiting. Just say "yes " to this question box, and you should have no problem viewing your record. The next time you try to log in to your account, your browser will automatically enter the new barcode number for you.

  • What services does my Greenwich Library card provide?

    Your Greenwich Library Card provides access to a vast array of books and media, and is the key to accessing a rich selection of databases via the Internet from your home, office or on the road. Most importantly, it allows you to manage your library account.

  • Who may borrow downloadable materials from the library?

    Only Greenwich and Perrot Library card holders with accounts in good standing may download ebooks, audio books and digital music.

  • Does the library loan video games?

    Yes, the library does loan video games. Following are the loan rules for borrowing video games:

    • Loan period is 7 days. Overdue fines are $1.00 per day; replacement cost for a lost video game varies depending on purchase price. Video games may be renewed two times.
    • Holds may be placed on video games.
    • Only two video games may be checked out on a patron's card at the same time.

    What do the ratings for video games mean?

    Ratings are assigned to video games by the ESRB, an independent and non-profit organization. For more information on the ratings system please visit the ESRB website at

  • May I use my Greenwich Library card at other libraries in Connecticut?

    If Greenwich is your principal residence, you can take your current Greenwich Library card and appropriate identification to any public library in Connecticut and borrow materials. This is done under the auspices of the state Connecticard Program.

  • Where may I get a card?

    You may get a card at the Patron Services Desk of the main Greenwich Library (to the left of the Returns Desk), or at one of our two branches, Byram Shubert or Cos Cob.

  • How do I create a PIN?

    There are two ways you can create a PIN:

    1. You may go to the former catalog login screen. On this screen you will be asked to provide your barcode and PIN number. At this time you may key in the PIN you would like to use. The PIN must be 4 numbers and cannot be consecutive (i.e. 2222 or 4455 or 1234). After clicking "submit" you will be prompted to key in the PIN you just chose two more times. Click "submit" to finalize the process.
    2. You may visit any branch and the staff at the Lending counter can assist you with creating your PIN.

  • Where may I return my materials?

    Your materials may be returned via the book drops conveniently located outside of all three libraries, before, during and after Library hours. If an item is put in the book drop at least one hour before we open the next morning, the item will be checked in as if it were the previous day.

    In addition, materials from Greenwich Library may be returned to any public library in Connecticut. Materials returned this way will stay checked out to you, and will remain your responsibility (link to C-car) until they are returned to Greenwich Library and are checked in. This can take two weeks or more. Because of the risk of damage and loss, Greenwich Library would prefer that any item inside a case such as CDs, DVDs, video games and books on tape not be returned at an out-of-town library.

  • How do I report a lost or stolen card?

    It is very important to report a lost or stolen card immediately since you are responsible for everything checked out on your card. You may call the circulation desk at the main library (203) 625-6524 or you may visit the Patron Services Desk at any of our libraries during working hours. As soon as you call, your card will be blocked to prevent further transactions. You may also send an email to "Ask a borrowing question?".

  • What should I do if my address changes?

    A change of address should be reported to the Library as soon as possible. This will enable Greenwich Library to continue to provide you with uninterrupted service of Holds, Interlibrary Loans, and access to our online databases and downloadable books.

    To report a change of address, bring your Library Card along with one form of identification, or piece of mail, with your new address on it to the Patron Services Desk of the Main Greenwich Library or to the Main Desk of either of its branches.

    In some cases, a change of address can mean a change in the type of card you are issued. To see what type of card you qualify for, please refer back to the Card Registration FAQs.